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The nature paradise for digital nomads and remote workers

The community consists of cosmopolitan makers who love working in breathtaking nature with widest outdoor & indoor opportunities. We create the home for nomads who seek growth and prosperity and live cooperation. Best infrastructure and public transportation let you experience true freedom and independence in safety.

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We are located 1hr from Zurich – map

from 600 CHF/mt.

from 1300 CHF/mt.


Become part of our community, where entrepreneurial spirit and innovation are part of the culture, where local traditions and charm meets international flair and modern infrastructure. The Toggenburg region offers endless opportunities for indoor and outdoor activities, combined with a Switzerlands famous high quality of life. Located just one hour east of Zurich, between the crypto hotspot Crypto Valley (Zug) and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Set amidst breathtaking scenery, you can explore numerous hiking and biking routes, go skiing at multiple local resorts, sledding, and much, much more. If you appreciate nature, you will enjoy having like-minded individuals to share your experiences.

As nomads, we know that the process of settling into a new destination takes time and work. From the very beginning, we will ensure that everything is made as easy for you as possible, so that you can get to work, fun and networking instead of dealing with bureaucracy.

Let yourself be enchanted by Toggenburg – a paradise for digital nomads who want to make the most out of work and leisure.

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The «SwissNomadValley» inspires with its stunning nature, wide range of activities and first-class infrastructure

modern infrastructure
managed Community
1hr from ZHR airport
excellent cuisine
wide shopping
endless activities
breathtaking scenery
top public transportation

Endless fun

  • 5 ski areas
  • 5 lakes, 3 rivers, 17 waterfalls and 8 canyons
  • Mountain regions including Churfirsten, Alpstein and Säntis
  • 10+ beach volleyball courts
  • 10+ indoor gym and gymnasiums
  • 6 indoor and adventure pools including
  • 10+ Soccer fields
  • Trail walking and alpine hiking
  • Road and mountain biking
  • Mountain and rock-climbing
  • Kiteboarding, diving and surfing
  • Paragliding, gliding and small aircraft aviation


to secure your unique starting offers & Diamond-Membership.

Diamond Membership
& 10 % discount on accommodation
Diamond Membership
Diamond Membership

3 years community membership

1 year coworking space

lifelong free community management

lifelong free all events

free entrance to the opening event

lifelong connection to other members

10% discount on the first accommodation booking*

5 weeks accommodation until the end of 2024*

free regional public transport

3 months accommodation until end of 2025*

Order here, confirmation, we 
will send a confirmation by email:

*Booking accomodations: Accommodation booked through us.

You want to stay in  «SwissNomadValley» – we have two offers.


with double bed,
shared kitchen,
shared bathroom with 3 or more parties
in coliving apartment

600 CHF per month


Room with possibility to work
with double bed,
shared kitchen,
bathroom with max. 2 parties
in coliving apartment

900 CHF per month

From left to right: Uwe Allgäuer, Pascal Eisenhut, Mathias Müller (City Mayor, Member of Cantonal Parliament), Goncallo Hall, during a joint meeting in September 2022.

The “SwissNomadValley” was developed by Pascal Eisenhut along with the successful Nomad-Village founders Goncalo Hall (Madeira) and Uwe Allgäuer (Bansko). It is supported by the regional government and being built by a group of other talented entrepreneurs.

Further information

Our team actively targets, builds and manages the membership network on behalf of the community and its members. Quickly establish valuable social and business connections with like-minded individuals by participating in activities, social events and networking opportunities. Know who’s attending and of interest in advance through our member-only network platform.

Switzerland is globally recognized for extensive, high-calibre commercial opportunities.

From upscale supermarkets and boutiques to idyllic restaurants serving traditional Swiss and international cuisines, the region is unbeatable. Here you’ll find everything necessary for a life of comfort, convenience and well-being.

Switzerland’s infrastructure is modern and efficient. Our outstanding public transportation system affords fast and convenient and travel options. High frequency bus and train service, available nearly 24 hours a day, provides safe and easy access to local and long-distance destinations including surrounding communities and alpine hamlets, bordering countries (Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein), international airports and large metro hubs including Zurich, Geneva and Bern.

We offer comfortable and affordable accommodation starting at 600€ per month in co-living units, apartments and houses. All accommodation includes complementary co-working space.
With fast and reliable 5G Internet throughout the valley, connect, communicate and work 24/7.


Well-known Swiss institutions including UBS and Kägi chocolatiers have roots in Toggenburg. Additionally, Toggenburg boasts the highest number of world champions.

Natural healing & natural herbs has a long tradition in the Appenzell and Toggenburg regions – open yourself and get inspired by the power.

What are you waiting for?
Come to the “SwissNomadValley” and create your digital nomadic life with nature, innovation and cultural exchange. Here you will find the perfect balance between work, business prosperity, leisure and adventure.

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Toggenburg is located in Eastern Switzerland, between Zurich and St. Gallen.

Toggenburg is located in Eastern Switzerland, between Zurich and St. Gallen.

The fact is, Switzerland has regions that are among the most expensive in the world. However, the Toggenburg region is affordable:

  • Food and public transportation/E-bike: CHF 700
  • Coliving starting from CHF 600
  • Apartment starting from CHF 900

The gastronomy in many destinations in Switzerland is more expensive if compared to other destinations around the world. However, the Toggenburg region is also more affordable in this regard. Lunch menus cost between CHF 12 and CHF 25.

Toggenburg is an international region, so the culinary options are diverse, including Tamil, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Indian, Sri Lankan, and, of course, good Swiss cuisine.

Yes, there are usually vegetarian options available, and vegan options are becoming more common. However, we are currently working on improving the collaboration with local restaurants to enhance the offerings.

The shopping options are designed for a population of 70,000. You can find everything a digital nomad needs locally, including a variety of regional products. Online shopping typically offers 16-hour delivery and can be sent to the coworking space or directly to your residential address.


Online shopping typically offers a 16-hour delivery and can be sent to the coworking space or directly to your residential address.


The bus can be used for CHF 69 per month or CHF 3 per day.

  • Cars and electric cars are available for CHF 12 per day.
  • We offer bike rentals starting from CHF 60 per month.

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