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Swiss Residency & business formation

for remote workers & digital nomads

Make being an entrepreneur & remote worker super easy for yourself.
Our services allow you to focus on your core business while we take care of all the administrative tasks – whether they are related to personal or business matters.  We provide access to a network for location-independent entrepreneurs, which is actively maintained.

of a swiss business formation


  • low Taxes (14%)
  • low social contributions (6.4%)
  • no company costs
  • entrepreneur network
  • a stable currency and a good reputation
  • plenty of freedom, less government interference

of a swiss residency


  • low personal taxes
  • high security and high quality of life
  • stable and high social security benefits
  • stable currency and good reputation
  • interesting international environment
  • plenty of freedom, less government interference

Annual full cost comparison Germany vs. Switzerland

Sources: Real cost comparison Tobias Naumer, Pro-plans.de and Pascal Eisenhut, af-mgmt.ch

 👉 Conclusion: Switzerland has… 

  • Around 50% less social benefit costs
  • over 14% more net salary in your account
  • around 23% less full wage costs
  • significantly better social benefits


Secure the unique opportunity of 

starting offers and Diamond-Membership


CHF 1499
  • Physical residence
  • Legal residential & business address
  • Access to full-service administration, (bookkeeping, taxes, legal, postal service etc.)
  • 30-min consultation with a relocation specialist included
  • Company formation included
  • Networking platform & Networking events
  • Diamond Membership
  • 10% discount on 1st accommodation booking
  • Assistance for accommodation search
  • Support of relocation

Welcome to our network!

A place where free entrepreneurship is also supported by politics. “New work” is legally uncertain in many respects. In our network, we create the framework to establish legal certainty, connect our entrepreneurial colleagues, and enhance their performance through a cooperative network, as well as opportunities to integrate into the Swiss economy. 


Swiss location advantages: 


  • Free market, limited government intervention
  • stable currency
  • The highest number of international trade agreements in the world
  • Neutrality / Federalism
  • High security (legal certainty, safety for women)

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We are the contact for international remote workers and digital nomads who have or want to have their company and private residence in the Swiss Nomad Valley, as well as for long-term travelers, digital nomads and remote workers from Switzerland.

Our service of “Swiss residence” is for you if you want to start or transfer a business in Switzerland, are employed as a remote worker / digital nomad in Switzerland or want to start a start-up in Switzerland as a foreigner. We are also the right partner for remote workers, digital nomads and long-term travelers who live in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, anyone can start a company, regardless of their origin. However, there are different requirements and procedures for that. If you want to know more, book a consultation with us and we will answer your questions.

Yes, that is possible, but there are some conditions that you have to meet. We are happy to explain to you in a consultation how you can do that.

You can only buy a private apartment or a house if you have been established in Switzerland for many years, at the earliest after 5 years.
There are rules that make this possible, but a general statement can not be made.
Commercial property, yes that is possible.

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